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The Good Drunkard's prayer

Dear our heavenly father, how are you up their Sir? I haven't spoken to you in a very long time but here I am today.
Somewhere somehow last week, I promised my friends that I would gallop only 23 liters of beer but I exceeded my limit and now I ask for forgiveness! Forgive me father.
These friends keep inviting me for alcohol freebies most times. Well I also remember your only begotten son turned the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen into wine at that awesome wedding in Cana. Not so heavenly papa? And it was by your grace too!
As you know papa, Okello invited me to act as the drinks manager last week at his wedding in Gayaza and I had been sober for a very long time; well, approximately 15 hours! The bottles I was serving to people kept calling my name. I tried to block my ears but they continued with their whore-like whistle. They wanted me so badly that I stopped serving and I grabbed one of them, sat down and interrogated her!
Okello was not happy and kept staring at me with those e…

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