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Don’t forget us!

Don’t forget us! I pen this thoughtful writing after having watched the Black Lives Matter Movement all over media in this pandemic lock down. “Go on brothers and sisters, go on”, I yell whilst relaxing on my couch. The fight against whiteness for abusing and demeaning black lives all over the globe has gotten real and escalated to the apex of no return! The powerful messages portrayed on placards; the loud roars on the streets; the soft and unspoken words in the minds; the   anger and desire to draw a will; the passion in an infant to stroll down the streets; and the zeal not to give up until justice and its reforms are achieved drive you. …black brothers and sisters, do not forget us back home! Our fight is not against the white man. Our fight is against our own black brother! An old black brother who has established his tap roots and looted the whole country for a few while the majority get impoverished and vulnerable to the situation. How did I become a 21 st century

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